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Get more from H3M with our token.

Exclusive Access
Free In-App Upgrades
Token Staking
Discounts on Virtual Land
Priority Access to New Features
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We are making it easier to get value out of defi tokens.

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Content Creation & Monetization

Unified Experience - HMMM and FUEL will become interexchangable between Portals and our wallet, bridging the gap and enhancing your creative journey.
Tokenized QR Codes When you tokenize a QR code, we will prioritize your asset in our feed and around the world, allowing you to link exclusive content or offers and have individuals find your content faster.
Creator Rewards system - Creators will be able to earn HMMM tokens based on the popularity of their content.

Subscription Models - premium tools, access and benefits will be driven through HMMM tokens.
Creator Rewards - Users will recieve rewards based off the popularity of content they create in the application.
Land Ownership - Users who buy land in Portals will receive discounts on the initial purchase of property and will not be charged for listing properties to rent.

User Engagement & Community Interaction

Tipping Mechanism - Users holding HMMM tokens will be able to tip others using HMMM and foster a supportive community.
Gifting - Along with tipping, we plan to roll out AR live streamin where users can use HMMM to gift other creators who are making content in the app.
Exclusive Events Access - Token holders will be able to unlock exlusive and restricted content inn the app.

Asset Marketplace - Users will be able to unlock, or redeem in-app content from our marketplace and bypass purchase screens using HMMM tokens.
Collaborative Projects Funding - Users will be able to pool HMMM tokens to fund collaborative AR projects or community-driven initiatives, so we can encourage teamwork and shared creativity.
Token-Based Voting on Collaborations - Token holders with over 50,,000 HMMM will be able to vote on potential collaborations, partnerships, or community projects, giving them a say in the direction of the platform.

Incentivized Cross-Promotion - We will reward users with HMMM tokens for promoting or sharing each other's content, fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual support.
Collaborative Learning & Mentorship - We will create a mentorship program where experienced users can offer guidance to newcomers, with incentives in HMMM tokens for both mentors and mentees.
Token-Driven Collaboration Challenges - Every month after launch we will organize regular challenges or hackathons where users can team up to create content, with prizes in HMMM tokens.

Marketplace & NFTs

Easier Publishing + Sales -Token holders will enjoy reduced minting costs and auction mechanisms for NFTs, all facilitated by HMMM tokens.
Exclusive NFT Content - We'll launch collections that can only be purchased with HMMM tokens.

Gamification & Rewards

Access to Games - use tokens for in-game Purchases, or to access content that others will pay for.
Leaderboard Rewards - Within our games we will have leaderboards with rewards that will be issued as tokens.
Fuel Exchange - Token holders will be able to use their tokens to unlock in app purchases for free, purchase FUEL or redeem FUEL (Fuel is our app rewards system that will open up access to assets, locations and other rewards and these will be interoperable with HMMM.

Fuel Multiplier - HMMM Tokens can be spent to increase FUEL rewards. By staking tokens we will increase the FUEL rewards % so you can earn more while exploring.
No Restrictions - Holders with over 5000 tokens will have locked content freely availible and in-app restrictions lifted.
Token-Based Voting on Collaborations - Token holders with over 50,,000 HMMM will be able to vote on potential collaborations, partnerships, or community projects, giving them a say in the direction of the platform.

Sustainability & Ethical Considerations

Charitable Donations - We'll enable you to donate HMMM tokens to support eco-friendly projects or charitable causes directly within Portals.
Token Pooling - We will allow HMMM tokens to be pooled and donated to people or organizations based on our community vote and we will match donations to amplify the impact.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Alignment - We will create initiatives aligned with SDGs, allowing users to contribute HMMM tokens to projects focusing on environmental protection, education, poverty alleviation, etc.

Ethical Marketplace Practices - We will encourage ethical behavior in the marketplace by rewarding users with HMMM tokens for reporting fraudulent activities or adhering to community guidelines.
Community Welfare and Green Initiatives - HMMM tokens will be distributed as rewards for participating in or supporting green initiatives within the AR community

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