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Creative Direction
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We Are Royale trusted our Director with unleashing a firestorm of creativity in a 30-second promo for the launch of Riot Games on Xbox Game Pass. Under his leadership, the WAR team erupted with original ideas and kick-ass executions.

The Challenge

Many of the RIOT assets were low poly characters and would disrupt any chance of a cinematic finish and because the messaging was the hero of the spot and the priority was solely on selling the product, there was little room for the visuals to shine. Without a creative vision it would have been a total failure in terms of aesthetic appeal.

The Approach

The team embraced the jagged edges and rough edges of the low poly characters, using them to unleash a bold, stylized design inspired by molded clay. We reveled in the imperfections, finding beauty in the rough edges, and let a minimal composition stand out in a world of over-saturated visuals and noise. This was our chance to channel the spirit of Wabi Sabi, to create something raw and real, and let it stand tall in a sea of sameness.

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/ Concept

With gnarly creativity, killer efficiency and some extra TLC added when others were asleep, Ryan inspired their team to bring this vision to life.

Below are a few examples of from various explorations that led to this final product. You will see a variety of model poses, beautifully crafted plinths, diverse material experiments, and well-designed stages. If you want to get kick-ass motion design work lets talk!

/ And More

Our Creative Director lead the charge in WAR's efforts to visualize and market RIOT GAMES premiere product for XBOX Game Pass.